The Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet) may be the best Parrot.

THE Quaker's speaking ability is considered by many, to be in the Top Ten of Speaking Birds. Many of the more popular Parrots, don't have much of a personality. They may speak a bit clearer, with a few more phrases, but personality? Not so much!
This little guy will keep you on your toes.................... What's that your eating? I want some!.....Where you goin'? Take me with you!!!!! I Love to sing!! Teach me a song. The Nest Building is Unique to the Quaker Parrot (monk Parakeet). Give him some materials, and watch him go!
Don't let your Shepard, or Siameese around!!! They'll be chased down the hall, by this little bundle of feathers.

The Quaker's speaking ability is astounding!

SMOOCHES' cage cover is an orange towel. He knows it as "My Baby". Time appropriate, he says, "You got my Baby", "Here's your Baby", "We go Beddie-Bie". It's now time for "Peek-a-boo".
The "Time Appropriate Speech" is rare to any "Mimicking Birds" While the Quaker does mimic many sounds , there are many things you may hear from the Quaker, You won't hear from most other Parrots.
While your washing your hands, or maybe some Vegies, "Whatcha doin'". Maybe if you leave the room, "Where ya goin'", "I Love You", "I miss You", or maybe just a "big wet kiss". We can't forget "Come 'ere"!!!!
The Quaker Parrot is definitely a "HUGE PARROT, in a TINY BODY"
If your thinking about placing a bird into your home, don't overlook "The Quaker Parrot"!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toxic Chemicals


I found this list on another site.

Toxic List:
This isn’t a complete list by any means. Be aware of anything with a strong smell and just don’t use it if in doubt. Another thing to be aware of is things going on in your neighborhood….if someone is painting or grilling out…..if there is a lawn chemical company spraying yards, please make sure windows and doors are closed.
Please read all labels of cleaning items that you use in your house …most are toxic to birds.

Never allow your Parrot, Bird to eat from your mouth! Most Humans carry,
at least, trace amounts of the E-Coli Bacteria. Humans have a natural
immunity to this bacteria, Birds Parrots do not. This bacteria could
cause serious health issues, and even death!

Now The List:

Carbon Monoxide
Cigarette Smoke
Dryer Sheets
Flea Bombs/Collars
Topical Flea Killers (such as the drops you put on the dogs and cats)
Floor Polishes
Formaldehyde (new rugs and some materials need to be aired out before bringing them into the home as they are treated with Formaldehyde ….new furniture that has been treated with stain resistance)
Furniture and Rug Shampoo
Hair Dye
Hair Spray
House Paint (actually ANY kind of paint or varnish)
Moth Balls
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Oil Paint
Over Cleaner
Paint Remover
Permanent Wave
Rug Deodorizers (like carpet fresh)
Shoe Polish and Cleaners
Self Cleaning Ovens
Scented Candles
Spot Removers
Spray Starch
Suntan Lotions
Surgical Acrylics
Toilet Cleaners
TEFLON COOKWARE (Just throw it out ..Don’t take any chances by leaving even one pan in your house to be used by accident!)

Take a look at Toxic, Non-toxic Plants and Trees, and Toxic, and Safe Foods.


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PetSmart - Wild Bird

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