The Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet) may be the best Parrot.

THE Quaker's speaking ability is considered by many, to be in the Top Ten of Speaking Birds. Many of the more popular Parrots, don't have much of a personality. They may speak a bit clearer, with a few more phrases, but personality? Not so much!
This little guy will keep you on your toes.................... What's that your eating? I want some!.....Where you goin'? Take me with you!!!!! I Love to sing!! Teach me a song. The Nest Building is Unique to the Quaker Parrot (monk Parakeet). Give him some materials, and watch him go!
Don't let your Shepard, or Siameese around!!! They'll be chased down the hall, by this little bundle of feathers.

The Quaker's speaking ability is astounding!

SMOOCHES' cage cover is an orange towel. He knows it as "My Baby". Time appropriate, he says, "You got my Baby", "Here's your Baby", "We go Beddie-Bie". It's now time for "Peek-a-boo".
The "Time Appropriate Speech" is rare to any "Mimicking Birds" While the Quaker does mimic many sounds , there are many things you may hear from the Quaker, You won't hear from most other Parrots.
While your washing your hands, or maybe some Vegies, "Whatcha doin'". Maybe if you leave the room, "Where ya goin'", "I Love You", "I miss You", or maybe just a "big wet kiss". We can't forget "Come 'ere"!!!!
The Quaker Parrot is definitely a "HUGE PARROT, in a TINY BODY"
If your thinking about placing a bird into your home, don't overlook "The Quaker Parrot"!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About The Quaker Parrot

About The Quaker Parrot

The QUAKER PARROT is a fairly large PARAKEET, or a fairly small PARROT, depending on how you view it.

 I called the place of purchase of SMOOCHES, and they told me, because of the shape of the beak, and the long tail, the "QUAKER" is a "PARAKEET"). Quaker Parrots are known for their ability to mimic sounds, and human speech. While the QUAKER'S speech, may not be as clear as the "AFRICAN GREY", or some of the "AMAZONS", the QUAKER is considered to be in, "THE TOP TEN SPEAKING BIRDS".

The QUAKER PARROT is 10-12 inches in length, and weighs 90-130 grams. While there are several new, an exciting varieties, the QUAKER PARROT is mostly green. The forehead, chin, breast, and belly, have varying shades of gray to blue-gray. The flight feathers, and the underside of the tail, are usually a deep blue. The under-belly, thighs, and sometimes the upper-inner-shoulders are a pale yellow-green. The beak is yellowish-brown. The legs are gray, and the iris is dark brown.
(In the NORTH MIAMI area, I've seen what I thought were QUAKERS with, DEEPER THAN CARDINAL RED, around their ears, graduating down each side of the neck, and on their wing tips (maybe this is a new variety, or who knows, a new species!!!!!!) Recently I've discovered, they may have been some type of Conure. I'll be on the lookout for some pics.

  I got pics!!! I think they're "Cherry-Heads"


Myiopsitta monachus

The QUAKER PARAKEET originates from South America. In particular, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, PARAGUAY, and URUGUAY.

The "MONK PARAKEET" was transported to the US, and parts of EUROPE, thru the '70's, '80's, and less in the '90's, to present. The wild "MONKS" through-out the AMERICAS, and EUROPE, are due to "shipments being lost, and or opened", "the release of unwanted pets", or the "escape of pets". The "FERAL" QUAKERS can generally be found in low-lying areas, within cities, or suburbs. (QUAKERS seem to love being near HUMANS, not likely to be found out in the wild).

QUAKER PARROTS generally make their homes in trees, although, it's not uncommon to find them nesting in utility poles. For this , and other reasons, they have been banned from some STATES.

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Habits and Needs

The QUAKER PARROT is a fun loving, energetic creature. Quakers love their toys, swings, bells, etc.

QUAKERS need to be kept occupied. Spend as much time with your QUAKER now, as you think you can, for the next 20-30 yrs. Spending lots of time in the beginning, and less later in life, will leave your QP wondering why you have abandoned him. Move their toys around. Add new toys, take old toys out of the mix. QUAKERS destroy their toys. The toys they destroy the most, are probably the ones they like the most. Don't replace them with the same toy, but something similar. Change will keep the QUAKER occupied. Spend time with your QUAKER. The more time you spend playing, and talking, the more he will want to spend with you, playing , and talking.

While the QUAKER is a very "socialistic creature", in nature, it can be very "anti-socialistic" in captivity. The QUAKER can be very dominizing. (is that a word?) "DON'T REACH INTO MY CAGE!!!", "DON'T TOUCH MY TOYS", "DON'T TOUCH MY FOOD/WATER ", etc.. It's very important to let "any pet in your household" know, "I'M THE LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!" ALWAYS KEEP YOUR QUAKER/BIRD BELOW YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The higher in elevation, the higher in rank!!!!!!!!!!!!

Example:..... Just a couple of days ago, I was at a clients house. They have an elderly, unstable, Dalmatian.
Over a few days, I've created some kind of bond with the dog. I've given him no reason to fear me, and I've made it clear, that I don't fear him. I was sanding, scraping etc....... up and down the ladder. No
problems to be found. Then out of the blue, I was down on my knees, cleaning the floor, and "he" realized, I'm "HIGHER THAN YOU!!!!!", "NOW I'M IN CHARGE!!!!!!"
He started growling, and barking, then I stood up, took a breath, and without a word, just my body language, and focus on the outcome (that's how animals speak to each other), let him know, "I'M IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!" He calmed down, and we got along fine.

This little bundle of feathers "CAN DOMINATE YOUR LIFE", if you let him. On the other hand, this little bundle of feathers can bring such joy into your life........ Mid-day, when he doesn't know
your around. He'll start saying everything he knows to say............jabber, jabber, jabber. It's comical, sometimes hysterical. Talking, singing, whistling........just hide around the corner, you might here him say, something ,you didn't know he could say!!!

To sum it up, I leave you with a thought from VIKIE FRAZIER; ""LOVING LITTLE NIGHTMARE"". Vikie, I couldn't have summed it better if I tried!!!!!!!!!!!


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