The Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet) may be the best Parrot.

THE Quaker's speaking ability is considered by many, to be in the Top Ten of Speaking Birds. Many of the more popular Parrots, don't have much of a personality. They may speak a bit clearer, with a few more phrases, but personality? Not so much!
This little guy will keep you on your toes.................... What's that your eating? I want some!.....Where you goin'? Take me with you!!!!! I Love to sing!! Teach me a song. The Nest Building is Unique to the Quaker Parrot (monk Parakeet). Give him some materials, and watch him go!
Don't let your Shepard, or Siameese around!!! They'll be chased down the hall, by this little bundle of feathers.

The Quaker's speaking ability is astounding!

SMOOCHES' cage cover is an orange towel. He knows it as "My Baby". Time appropriate, he says, "You got my Baby", "Here's your Baby", "We go Beddie-Bie". It's now time for "Peek-a-boo".
The "Time Appropriate Speech" is rare to any "Mimicking Birds" While the Quaker does mimic many sounds , there are many things you may hear from the Quaker, You won't hear from most other Parrots.
While your washing your hands, or maybe some Vegies, "Whatcha doin'". Maybe if you leave the room, "Where ya goin'", "I Love You", "I miss You", or maybe just a "big wet kiss". We can't forget "Come 'ere"!!!!
The Quaker Parrot is definitely a "HUGE PARROT, in a TINY BODY"
If your thinking about placing a bird into your home, don't overlook "The Quaker Parrot"!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parrot Comparison Charts

Parrot Comparison Charts

There are many Parrot Species!!

These lists do not cover all of them.

Which one is rght for you?

These charts represent averages.

Just as Humans vary in size, speech, and social skills, same is true to Parrots.
Compared by size.

Small-sized Parrots







5" Green Rumped 15-25 medium Low medium
5" Pacific 15-25 medium Low medium
5" Mexican 15-25 medium Low medium
6" Lovebirds 10-15 Low Medium Medium-high
9" Brown Head 20-25 Medium Low Medium
9" Half Moon 10-20 Medium Low Medium
9" Orange Front 10-20 Medium Medium Medium
10" Green Cheeked 10-20 Medium Low Medium
10" Peach Front 10-20 Medium Low Medium
11" Dusky 15-25 Low Medium-low Medium
11" Gold Cap 15-25 Low Medium Medium
12" Jenday 15-25 Low High Medium
12" Sun 15-25 Low High Medium
9" Meyer's 25-35 Medium Low Medium
9" Red Bellied 15-25 Medium Low Medium
9" Senegal 15-25 Medium Low Medium
9" White Caped 35-45 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
10" Dusky Headed 35-45 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
11" Bronze Winged 35-45 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
12" Blue Headed 35-45 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
12" Maximillian 35-45 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
9" Caique 25-35 Low Medium High
7"-10" Budgie 5-10 High Low Medium
10" Green Naped 15-25 Medium-low High Medium-low
10" Rainbow 15-25 Medium-low High Medium-low
11" Blue Streaked 15-25 Medium-low High Medium-low
12" BlackCapped 15-25 Medium-low High Medium-low
12" Chattering 15-25 Medium-low High Medium-low
10"-15" African Grey 50-65 High Medium Medium
12" Lilac Crowned 40-55 Medium High Medium
12" Specaled 40-55 Medium High Medium
12" Hawk Headed 25-35 Medium-low Medium-low Medium-low
12" Jardine's 25-35 Medium-low Medium-low Medium-low

Medium-sized Parrots

Compared by size.............

13" Red- Lored 45-55 High High Medium
14" Double yellow head 45-55 High Medium Medium
15" Blue Front 45-55 High High Medium
15" Yellow Naped 45-55 High High Medium
13" Cape 35-40 Medium Medium High
13" Cockatiels 15-20 Low-medium Medium High
13" Electus 40-50 Medium High Lo-medium
13" Quakers 25-35 Medium-high High Medium
Small Macaws
14" Noble 35-45 Medium Medium Medium
17" Yellow 35-45 High High Medium
19" Severe 35-45 Medium Medium-high Medium-high
14" Nanday 20-30 Medium High Medium
12"-18" Cockatoos 25-80 Medium High High
16" Blue Crown 20-30 High Medium-high Medium
6" Lineolated 10-15 Medium Low Medium
8" Bourkes 10-15 Low Low Medium
12" Mustached 15-20 Medium-low Medium Medium-low
13" Plum Head 15-20 Medium Medium Low
20" Derbyan 15-20 High High Low
23" Ring Neck 25-30 High High Medium

Large-sized ParrotsCompared by size...

27" Military 75-80 Medium-high Medium Medium
34" Blue and Gold 75-80 High High Low-medium
34" Catalina 75-80 High High Low-medium
34" Green winged 75-80 High High Low-medium
34" Harlequin 75-80 High High Low-medium
34" Scarlet 75-80 High High Low-medium
39" Hyacinth 75-80 Medium-high High Medium

These charts are not based on any scientific fact, but on info I've gathered accross the web. If you have info that could better these charts, please pass it on for consideration.


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  1. Nice charts. I was just thinking though, that where it says 'Size' perhaps you'd want to change that to 'Length'. African Greys are certainly larger than Quakers and Parrotlets, but they don't have the long tails which give them the extra length. And lineolated parakeets just seem a bit itty-bitty to be considered a medium bird. :) But they're nice charts, thanks for taking the time to share all that information.


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